Learning Fun

Children ages 2 to 4 years old receive loving and individualized care in a stimulating environment with spacious rooms rich in color giving your child an exciting world full of opportunities to explore, learn, and grow. We offer a place where fun, learning and laughter go hand in hand with a caring atmosphere, a reassuring routine and creative activities, providing toddlers with a sense of security and over all well being; where they can feel safe and happy and can begin to build confidence and a positive self image. Our goal is to provide a fun and safe learning environment for your child, while encouraging social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. We always interact at their level, listen to every word and encourage meaningful conversation with us and their peers. Each child is different, unique, and special. Therefore we strive to meet the developmental needs of each child in our care; by giving them a world filled with responsive interactions and positive reinforcement, nurturing a foundation for development and helping to enable your child to reach their full potential.

A toddler’s growth and development is boundless. Their minds and bodies are literally sponges, soaking up every word and action presented to them. They are learning how to act and react towards every emotional and environmental stimulus. They are beginning to combine ideas and words into sentences and to better understand themselves and the world around them. Because of this new found freedom, they struggle with their feelings of independence versus dependence. They want to do everything by themselves, yet they also realize they need love, attention and help to accomplish these goals. Through patience and understanding we walk this fine line with your toddler, providing the guidance they need along with the independence they crave. As your child grows and makes the transition from toddler to preschooler we begin to incorporate structure into their day. Children of this age find security and comfort through consistency of care. We provide this for your child, with a reassuring routine and a familiar schedule. Preschoolers are very curious and inquisitive by nature; asking many questions and expecting many more answers. We not only give them the answers they need, but also ask why, when, where, and how; thereby encouraging expressive conversation, fostering an imaginative and free-thinking child.

For children ages two through five, we offer a structured preschool curriculum. We supplement this curriculum with tons of enriching activities ranging from art and craft projects to games, songs, finger plays, storytelling, creative dramatics, exercises, science, shapes, numbers, colors, alphabet, and much more through various monthly themes. Some of these projects will be taken home to share with you, and others will be group activities that you can ask about. Here toddlers and preschoolers start their day with Morning Circle Time, where the children join together to discuss a daily topic, the weather and the day’s exciting activities. During this time, children learn to listen, share, take turns, cooperate, express themselves, and give and receive feedback; giving them a chance to demonstrate what they are learning. We introduce one concept at a time in a logical natural sequence, so your child feels proud, not frustrated. We know that children learn best when they are actively involved. Therefore, we offer hands-on activities which are unique and knowledge building, providing a balance of important preschool skill experiences. All in an effort to help develop happy and confident children; children who smile while they sing, talk, dance, rhyme, count, play, create, and write. Your child will leave us well prepared for kindergarten and beyond, empowered to become a creative problem-solver and life-long learner.

  • Through encouragement we help each child in our care to build confidence and a positive self image, with constant clapping, hugging, and praise for their every accomplishment.
  • By constantly listening, talking, describing objects, actions and their meanings, we help to expand your child’s ever-growing vocabulary.
  • Our child friendly backyard is equipped with lots of fun and safe age-appropriate playing equipment, which helps to build large motor skills.
  • Sensory experiences are offered through such activities as rhyming exercises, reaching into the Mother Goose feel bag and cutting or painting a craft project.
  • Circle time and various monthly storybook activities provide practice in language and listening skills.
  • Important scientific investigative and observation methods are introduced through simple hands-on activities such as a sink or float experimentation and planting seeds.
  • Numbers, letters, shapes and colors are introduced monthly with their use integrated throughout the activities.
  • We provide a clean and well organized environment for your toddler and preschooler to grow safely.
  • Books are always available for the children to look at, and story-time is presented many times throughout each day, allowing toddlers and preschoolers to experience the magic and wonder of books.
  • Through music, song and dance we foster self-expression, and creative movement; while encouraging, group interaction, cooperation, and sharing.